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Updated: Jul 16, 2018

vision seeds

Over the next few months, my blog will take on a new direction. Here I am going to share eleven (a master number) maxims based upon what I have learned in my life. Each one can help to change YOUR life.

Each of the following eleven weeks I will write an entire blog based upon one of these seeds. Please follow them and see what new wisdom grows in your life.

1. Beauty is all around us. Before you go to sleep each day review what you experienced that was beautiful.

2. If your philosophy can't grow corn, you need a new philosophy.

3. Guilt is a powerful, monumental waste of emotion.

4. Only a strong heart knows the power of surrender.

5. Everyone is born with a vision to guide his or her life. Our mission is to find and follow it.

6. Never step on someone else's vision.

7. You can't spoil a child with too much love.

8. Love starvation is the root of all the illnesses that plague individuals and societies.

9. We are born with blood relations. We choose our heart relations.

10. Listen to your heart. Consult your brain. Let your gut feelings break any ties.

11. When the snow of winter covers your head, the wisdom of life lies within you. Your mission then is to share it.

I know some of these terms might seem mysterious or out of place as I use them. Keep following my blog and you will gain a whole new understanding from one with the snow of winter upon her head. I look forward to sharing what my blessed and interesting life has taught me.

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Ana Om
Ana Om

following… as somebody once told me... she who follows her heart… filling my life with the beauty and wisdom of your vission seeds



There is beauty beside me

There is beauty beside me