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REGENERATIVE HEALING FOR LIFE: A New Paradigm to Treat Injuries and Pain Without Surgery

Brian Shiple, D. O. and Marlise Wind, M.S.

Learn how to get the relief you need without surgery and become as healthy and pain-free as possible at any stage of life.

Regenerative Healing for Life by Brian Shiple, D. O. and Marlise Wind, M.S. introduces to the general public several amazing medical treatments already used by almost one million individuals, but virtually unknown to the majority of doctors and patients. These techniques, relatively non-invasive and potentially inexpensive, create a bridge between surgery and conservative treatments for musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis. This book will bring vital information about regenerative injection therapy (RIT) to the tens of millions of people who suffer from pain that could be alleviated. This book can vastly change how both orthopedic surgery and sports medicine are practiced.

“Through my experience with cancer patients I have discovered what the authors share: The body has an amazing potential to heal. We physicians need to learn from the experience of successful patients and not be limited by beliefs created by our narrow information and training. Read on and learn from the success of others. Then incorporate these lessons into your practice and life.”

                      --- Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Faith, Hope and Healing and A Book of Miracles.

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