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LIGHTSEEDS: A Compendium of Ancient and Contemporary Crystal Knowledge

by Wabun Wind and Anderson Reed

Lightseeds takes you on a comprehensive and personal tour of crystal use and lore throughout history. The authors explore references to magical stones in Arthurian legends and the Bible, examine crystal-ball gazing, astral surgery of native South Americans, and the contrasts between shamanic and magic use of crystals. From their own experiences they also teach you how to choose crystals right for you and your purpose, clean and care for your crystals, attain a balanced state before using your crystals and perform ceremonies which can help to heal yourself.  The book is rich with techniques and exercises.

Lightseeds is an easy to follow guide for both beginners and those who already use crystals in their practices. Highly recommended!”

                 --- Star Savoy Alexander, co-author of The Medicine Wheel Astrology Guide and greeting cards

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