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WALK IN BALANCE: The Path to Healthy, Happy and

Harmonious Living

By Sun Bear, Crysalis Mulligan, Peter Nufer, and Wabun

“Ninety percent of all illness begins in our heads. Ingrained negative thought patterns, many of them left over from our childhood, help create illness if we hold on to them.” 

                                        --- Sun Bear

Walk in Balance contains empowering guidance on a wide variety of ways to create and maintain personal health and happiness.   It teaches readers to examine thoughts that might be harming them, to learn what is good for them, to strive for happiness and embracing the life force.  There are chapters devoted to eating, exercise, herbs, spiritual and ceremonial healing and other natural alternatives.  There is a resource guide both to healing places and people and ways to help heal the earth.

 “Sun Bear is the finest living example of the path of balance in which spirituality and practicality are united. His insight runs deep and true.”

                                        --- Ken Carey, author of Return of the Bird Tribes

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