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DANCING WITH THE WHEEL: The Medicine Wheel Workbook

By Sun Bear, Wabun Wind, and Crysalis Mulligan

Dancing with the Wheel will help you to learn the teachings and techniques of how to build and care for a medicine wheel and how to celebrate ceremonies to help the earth.

The basis of Sun Bear’s vision of the Medicine Wheel is that all things and beings on the earth are related and must be in harmony for the earth to be balanced.  Whether you are in the middle of the wilderness or in the middle of the city, this book is filled with visualizations, exercises and ceremonies which will help you to center yourself and learn how to live in peace with the earth and other beings.  It is also rich in information about proper respect for and ways to work with minerals, plants, animals and color.

“I sincerely believe that if more people would come into the circle of (Sun Bear’s) vision, it would be the saving of the world.”

                                --- Tom Brown, Jr., author of The Tracker

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