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WOMAN OF THE DAWN: A Spiritual Odyssey

By Wabun Wind

“One sickness of city living is that all you see are people, so you believe people are the only things that matter in the universe. When you reconnect with the earth, you realize that, while people are important in the circle of life, so is everything else.”

                       --- Wabun Wind

Wabun Wind's recounting of the beginning of her journey from New York City writer to Sun Bear’s medicine helper, co-author and spiritual partner is a mesmerizing read. Woman of the Dawn is full of hard-earned insights about relationships, spirituality and community. Her odyssey is an honest exploration of the true meaning of life and love.

“I would like to warn the casual reader of Woman of the Dawn, this book will reach inside you and speak to your own visions. Her courage and honesty will challenge you."

                       --- Lilian Folan, author of Lilias! Yoga: Your Guide to Enhancing Body, Mind, and Spirit in Midlife and Beyond

“An extremely honest and fascinating account of one person’s spiritual unfoldment. What most impressed me with Wabun’s book is her honesty and boldness in sharing her story … exciting, powerful.”

                       --- Rosemary Gladstar, author, Herbal Healing for Women

French Version Coming Soon!
(Cover Art by Kyla Wind)
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