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BLACK DAWN, BRIGHT DAY: Indian Prophecies for the Millennium that Reveal the Fate of the Earth

By Sun Bear with Wabun Wind

“One of the most important visionaries of our time teaches people why and how they must heal themselves and the earth now. I recommend this book wholeheartedly.”

                        --- the late Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., author of On Death and Dying

In this compelling and prophetic work Sun Bear describes the environmental future and tells where and how you can survive the dramatic changes to come.

The visionary founder of the Bear Tribe and co-author of The Medicine Wheel series offers a fascinating and yet frightening work which details the environmental future of every major landmass in the world.  He details the reasons for the earth changes and instructs readers on how to prepare for them so they can become a part of the bright day to follow.   


“One of the great visionaries of our time, Sun Bear, like Edgar Cayce, offers explicit forecasts that can be ignored only at our own peril.”

                        --- A. Robert Smith, Editor, Venture Inward.

                             The magazine of the Edgar Cayce Foundation

Quotes from the book...

“In the United States, areas to avoid are the big cities, which will continue to decline. I see things getting really bad in some of the big cities of the United States before the big cities of Europe. The AIDS epidemic in major cities along with new illnesses I foresee may overload the health services to the point that there will be very little care available for all the sick people. This will of course be a real problem first in New York and San Francisco. I see initially, the least livable cities being New York, Washington D.C., Detroit, Philadelphia and Miami. Other cities will follow.” - Page 200

Sun Bear saw this time of great change as a time of cleansing and moving forward.  He said humankind is being given a great opportunity to make a major breakthrough in consciousness and awareness.

In the book we write about prophecies from many teachers: Hopi, Iroquois, Ojibwa, Suquamish, Mayan, Maori, Paiute, Hawaiian, Tibetan, biblical, Sun Bear says that the Hopi prophecies he was given to share by Soloho say that after the cleansing the people would perhaps keep the religion they had; or perhaps seek another one; or, they might even have evolved to where they don’t need religion anymore because they have grown to the point that they carry the law in their own hearts.

The earth cleansing we’re experiencing now is necessary for the protection of the planet and because the purpose of humanity is for each of us to go to our highest level of consciousness and power.  This is a time when humankind has to make the leap forward.

As this knowledge begins to come to you, it’s your responsibility to dig deeper, to uncover more.  Earth is a processing station, a place where we come to learn.  All kinds of possibilities are open to us if we’re ready to listen.  And there are a lot of things we need to hear.  It’s not the end of the world for everyone or the planet.  It’s the beginning of a new age for those willing to change themselves.

“I feel – and Spirit has also told me – that this is a time for human beings to find the spiritual beliefs that link them to the Earth. This is the time to seek power spots and find places to pray and reconnect with the natural forces and with the Spirit helpers that have been upon this planet for thousands of years. Through this praying and seeking, people also learn how to show love for their fellow human beings. They will learn to come back into the balance that is necessary for their survival and for the survival of the planet.

I am told by Spirit then we have to build a belief system in which we carry the law in our hearts not one where we look over our shoulder to somebody else. We have to learn to take direct responsibility for our lives on an every day basis. This is one of the things I’ve tried to impart to people through my teachings and writings. This is part of what I see as my work

I find that there's a great hunger in people to find out about ways in which to heal themselves; first themselves, you see then they can really help others and the Earth. That's why I stress the need for every person take real responsibility for their own life. I feel like everyone has the right to speak to the Creator to discover and follow their own vision.”
 - Page 172

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