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If you kept up with my Facebook Live presentations you know I believe the quarantines and pandemic pushed a lot of people into the threshold stage of a Vision Quest. This is the time when you have severed from all you used to know and do and are waiting to see what will come next. It is a sacred time, and a frightening time. For more about this see Finding the Rite of Passage Within the Quarantine.

How are you faring?

Many folks are still struggling. With so many businesses forced to close their doors for extended periods and to limit the number of customers coming in, a lot of people have lost their jobs. Yet, people still need to pay their bills.

Some people are struggling to regain a sense of comfort being around others. They question whether doing something or seeing someone is worth the risk of exposure.

In this continuing threshold time you can respond, or you can react. Those who react immediately jump to whatever is convenient or familiar. They let their fear of the threshold time control them. Those who respond to what they are finding in the threshold often change their lives.

One way to respond and take better actions is to learn from people who have experienced this sacred space and now are willing to share what they have learned from it.

Join me on January 8th and 9th for an online conference that promises to present information from teachers in vastly different traditions who have gone to the threshold and returned to share what they learned.

It’s called …

A New Cycle of Awakening: Ancient Wisdoms for a Transitioning World

Jennifer Patten, my co-author of Journey with the Medicine Wheel and The Medicine Wheel Cards will be among the speakers who will be sharing their experiences about some ways to apply the wisdom of the ages to this unique and challenging period in human history. To find out more and register for your virtual seat go to

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There is beauty beside me

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