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Only a strong heart knows the power of surrender.

Guilt, now surrender. I sure know how to pick out really big topics to put into short blogs!

Obviously I can only touch on this subject here but, as with all the vision seeds, their point is

to make us begin to consider things in a different way. 

So what do you think of when you hear the word surrender? Losing? Giving up?

Does the word have any positive connotations to you? 

Have your ever willingly surrendered anything? A fight with someone? A point you wanted to

make? A favorite possession?

If so, how did that make you feel? Weak? Less worthy? Strong? Positive?

One of my favorite chants from the Medicine Wheel days (I first heard it sung by Adele Getty

Huxley, although I am not sure she composed it. You can find the chant on You Tube¸ Google

or Amazon) has the following words:

“I am opening my heart in sweet surrender to the luminous love light of the one. I am

opening, I am o – o – opening.”

Those words give a really different spin to the word “surrender.” Too many of us think of

surrender as losing. That’s because we spend so much time trying to win, to overcome, to do, to achieve. We spend little time being, relaxing, receiving, letting go. From the time we are infants trying to walk upright, yet clinging to a friendly hand, to the time we are adults trying to hold on to everything we have – possessions, people, youth, power, money, being right – we are afraid to let go. And that is what surrender is: letting go. It is not losing or giving up. It is letting go.

Letting go takes a lot of strength and faith in life. The funny thing about letting go is that when we actually do it, we most often receive life’s greatest gifts. When we let go while loving physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, we open ourselves to an experience of that luminous love light. We let go and transcend ourselves and our everyday existence. We become part of the sparkling energy that is always within and around us when we allow ourselves to feel and receive it. 

From such surrender comes new life, whether in human or vision form. If you consider nature

you see that surrender allows all of our relations to survive and thrive. Without physical love,

animals and humans would cease to exist. Without surrendering its pollen, a plant species

becomes extinct. Without allowing the waters to evaporate, condense, coalesce then fall, the earth would begin to die. Plants, animals, minerals know by instinct what we need to learn.

Let go, open yourself to life and to love, and you will become a human with an ever stronger, more open heart. Eventually you may become strong enough to embrace surrender. And then your magic will begin.

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