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Have you ever wondered how to explain the medicine wheel to someone who has never heard of it? Or maybe you’ve never heard of it until you came to this website. Medicine wheels are many things: monuments built by ancient earth people, astronomical markers, sacred sites, ceremonial centers, and places in which most people can strongly feel a strange and wonderful energy. The medicine wheel about which I write comes from a vision given to Sun Bear, an Ojibwa teacher and healer, my dear friend and co-author. His vision was to reintroduce the teachings of the medicine wheel to “help all people relate better to our Earth Mother…and find a kinship with the universe.” This incredible visionary taught millions of people all around the world that humans are not the only important part of life, and that they could live more fulfilling lives if they recognized their relationship with Mother Earth and all of the beings who live upon her.

Journey with the Medicine Wheel is a concise book designed to introduce more people to the medicine wheel, to the natural world, and to their animal guides. It is a tool for personal growth that will help you find your direction as you move around the circle of life. It will assist you in understanding how your body, mind, and spirit are one and connected to all of your other relations: minerals, plants, animals and unseen forces. In this crucial time of history are you ready to learn how to help heal the earth? This short and powerful Journey with the Medicine Wheel can teach you ways to do so and to live a fuller, happier life.

I was honored to co-author this book with Jennifer Patten, an enrolled member of the Osage Tribe, a practicing certified Life Coach, a former Montessori teacher and author of six educational curriculum based upon the medicine wheel. Jennifer and I have worked together for over a decade and have been working on this book for the last several years. Jennifer’s personal goal is to assist in creating medicine wheels all over the world to aid in personal and planetary healing.

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There is beauty beside me

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