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Greetings Dear Friends!

I am a keeper of the legacy of knowledge shared with me by Sun Bear, Evelyn Eaton and the other incredible teachers and elders I have been blessed to know.

Now firmly in the elder’s lodge, I feel an urgency to pass this knowledge on to those who will follow.

My life gift has always been writing. I have been working with some great new co-authors to bring forth works designed to appeal to a younger generation. Three are completed and two of them are now available.

I’m asking for your help to let people know these works exist. I am particularly concerned with getting this knowledge to young people who desperately need to learn about their connection with and responsibility to mother earth. These new works were designed especially with them in mind but are appropriate for people of any age and stage of learning about spirituality.

So I proudly introduce:

Journey with the Medicine Wheel is a small, illustrated book that can have a huge impact on your life. In 56 pages it introduces you to another way of looking at yourself and the world around you. You will learn about the basics of the indigenous view of the world and meet thirty-five animals that can give you direction on your own life journey. You’ll find out about ceremony, medicine wheels, vortices and how you can help heal yourself and the earth at this critical time of shifting weather patterns and other changes on the earth mother.

Jennifer is a member of the Osage Nation, a Montessori educator, life coach, creativity consultant, and teacher, who has worked with the Medicine Wheel for well over a decade. She is an incredibly youthful grandmother and elder who lives on a magnificent part of the earth in the hills of Tennessee.

This book is a tremendous gift to give to anyone you would like to introduce to the teachings of Sun Bear, myself and the Medicine Wheel. You can buy it through this link to my website (Steve please insert correct link INSERT LINK) or through Amazon.

And if you really want to intrigue your friends, give the book with:

The Medicine Wheel Cards, also created by Jennifer and myself, with cover art by my daughter, Kyla Wind.

This is a forty-seven card set. Seven of the cards instruct you how to use the deck. Thirty-six represent all of the positions on the medicine wheel. Four are “joker cards” which represent surprises in life that can block you or encourage you on your path. The cards demonstrate that the earth is always affecting you and those you love. These cards will help you to understand what elements and attributes can help you at a particular time. In this deck, you will learn about the thirty-five totem animals, and be introduced to all other aspects of the medicine wheel. Which ones are relevant to your day, your relationships, your life path?

Medicine wheel cards both complement astrology and present you with a whole other system of viewing life, one based upon the indigenous philosophy of all our native ancestors.

Because it would cost a substantial amount more to get these cards to you through Amazon, and through the generosity of Rosemary Huang, my Mandarin publisher in Taiwan, I can now offer you these cards on my website. If you wish to order both the book and cards now we will offer you a very special price. This price is only for our long-standing friends and supporters, and for their friends. It will be good through December 31, 2018.

Journey with the Medicine Wheel and The Medicine Wheel Cards will make a unique holiday gift for anyone with whom you would like to share these important teachings.

I would strongly urge you to accompany these with Star Savoy’s wonderful Medicine Wheel Astrology Guide and beautiful greeting cards, one for each beginning position on the wheel. They make a great birthday or any occasion greeting card. You can purchase these directly from Star at this link:

I have one other book to tell you about but I don’t want to overwhelm you with wonderful ideas all at once, so I’ll leave that for next time.

I have been working to find ways to make the legacy I’ve been given attractive to a generation that spends more time looking at screens than at the earth. I truly believe these new works can do so, but I really need your help in getting the word out to as many people as possible. Thank you so much for whatever you can do to share this wisdom.

With love and blessings,

Marlise Wabun Wind

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