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From my dear friends, the Stars, at Medicine Wheel Astrology - a one-of-a-kind addition! These cards are a beautiful and educational introduction to the Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology. For those of you who miss the Medicine Wheel Calendar, here is a great substitute. A message from Star:


Knowledge… it has been said, is power, however, we feel it must also be integrated with wisdom in order to use it correctly. The teachings of Sun Bear, Wabun and the Ancient Ones are here for us to experience; life from a Higher perspective, if and when we are open and ready! Our intention is to travel through the Astrological Medicine Wheel and get to know each of the 12 signs more intimately. When we can take time, slow down and see through a lens of compassion, empathy, forgiveness and love, there can only be a knowing … WE ARE ONE. Aho! To ALL OUR RELATIONS!


We sincerely hope you enjoy this “Journey Through Medicine Wheel Astrology,” it’s so fun to observe the “characters” on the wheel and witness amazing NATURE all around us and the life we share it with! Blessings. - Star


Medicine Wheel Greeting Cards are 4-1/4” x 5-1/2” and have birthday information inside about each of the individual cards. The information is from “The Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology” by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind and from years of Star’s studies with Western Astrology teachings integrated into the meaning of each.


When you purchase the 12-card set for only $39.95 (plus shipping) you will receive a FREE Medicine Wheel Reference Guide with your order (printed on 8x10 heavy coated card stock). A $9.95 value, free to you!

Medicine Wheel Greeting Cards

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