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Marlise Wabun Wind

My life has taught me so much about myself, human nature, healing, parenting and why society is in the state of confusion it is today.




























            Welcome. Whether you are a long time follower or someone just happening upon this site, I appreciate the opportunity to make contact with you through it. I want to publicly appreciate my talented webmaster, Stephen Norris, of Main Line Online for the wonderful job. This is the time of Wabun, the East Wind, of new beginnings.  How appropriate now to launch an online home so fresh and full of exciting material!

          Traditional earth people celebrated important milestones in life by giving away something they treasured so that others would remember the occasion with joy. Some of my most precious possessions are the lessons I have learned from the wonderful elders who were generous enough to teach me. My giveaway for this website will be sharing some of their lessons with you, along with lessons I have learned from my seventy-three years of living.

                I will be writing here about my most recent book Journey With The Medicine Wheel as well as about the other eleven books I have authored. They and this website cover a wide range of topics: human nature, healing, parenting, love, female and male energy, relationships of all kinds, Native teachings, community life, visions, ceremonies, mythology, and the root causes of a lot of problems we have in society today.

             When I was in my twenties, during the magical 1960’s, I was told never to trust anyone over thirty. When I was in my thirties and working with Native American and Jungian teachers I was taught you don’t have a right to an opinion until you are fifty, and you don’t really know what you are talking about until you enter the elders lodge. Although I’ve been teaching and lecturing for close to fifty years, now, as an elder, is the time for me to share my most deeply-held beliefs. This page begins with the first line of a prayer which originally comes from the Dine people. I start each day with this prayer to remind myself of the beauty and wonder of life. I trust my writings will help you to appreciate all that is good in you and in your life.

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