Ancient Visions, Modern Wisdom

The Journey and Works of Marlise Wabun Wind

Marlise Wabun wearing the medicine medallion presented to her by Grandmother Mahadjuni (Evelyn Eaton). Photo by heart daughter Becky Walter (RJ Walter Studio)
What is real love?
Why is it so hard to find?
Why donít people get along?
Why do men and women fight?
Why donít people treat their children better?
Why is there so much violence?
Why are there wars?

I grew up asking these questions, and writing about any answers I found. Unfortunately I did not find many answers that rang true in school, college, graduate work, politics, relationships, religion and many forms of spirituality.

Then I met a Native teacher and shaman and it seemed as though he had some real answers. I moved from New York City to work with him. We traveled the West and, later, many parts of this country and Europe meeting indigenous teachers and listening to their wisdom. The more I learned, the more questions I could answer because of the ancient visions, ceremonies and mythology they shared.

Always writing, I helped found an alternative community with him, an apprentice program, and helped people quest for vision. I spoke at our Vision Mountain, at our large international Medicine Wheel Gatherings, at retreat centers, conferences and events in many locations.

Still searching for answers, I found my real love and, in my forties, came back into mainstream society to be a wife and mother. Now as I enter the elders lodge I am ready to share more than I have in my eleven published books, or in my past talks. My life has taught me so much about myself, human nature, healing, parenting and why society is in the state of confusion it is today.

Join me on my continuing journey! I trust my truths will spark your own.

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