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-Did Sun Bear know something you should know now? BLACK DAWN BRIGHT DAY: INDIAN PROPHECIES FOR THE MILLENIUM, written by Sun Bear and I in 1989 reads like a summary of the news of the years that have passed since then. Earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes, mudslides, severe weather, nuclear disasters, extreme air pollution and more are all part of these prophecies. On Wednesday, October 15 this book will be reviewed on the Simon and Schuster website, "Off the Shelf". Be sure to check it out. You might discover many things that can improve your life, now and in the future.

-Dr. Brian Shiple, Co-Author of Regenerative Healing for Life: A New Paradigm to Treat Injuries and Pain without Surgery, recently appeared on "The Peoples Pharmacy". Go to their website for a link to hear the program.


Marlise Wind, 2013

Marlise Wabun Wind, M.S., is the author of ten non-fiction books, with over two million copies in print worldwide in many languages. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in international communications from George Washington University. She is a lifelong student of cross-cultural healing, complementary and holistic medicine, and wellness. One of her books is about integrative healing, and several others are about cross-cultural healing techniques, comparative philosophies, religions and spirituality.

Ms. Wind was searching for an alternative to the surgical treatments for an arthritic ankle when she was referred to Dr. Shiple, and it was through him that she learned about RIT and underwent successful treatment. Her enthusiasm over the results of her experience led her to collaborate with Dr. Shiple on Regenerative Healing For Life.

Because of her own knowledge of the physical limitations of other illnesses, and pain, Ms. Wind has become an advocate for RIT and related non-invasive treatments. She has lectured widely on topics related to integrative healing, complementary and holistic medicine, and wellness.

She is currently working on several other projects, including a novel and a spiritual adventure memoir, as well as four other non-fiction titles concerning ceremony and celebrations, relationships, parenting healthy children, and “mother sense.”

Books By Marlise Wabun Wind

Regenerative Healing for Life
A New Paradigm to Treat Injuries and Pain without Surgery

By Brian J. Shiple, D.O., and Marlise Wind, M.S.
JocDoc Press, 2013

Dreaming With The Wheel
By Sun Bear, Wabun & Shawnodese
Simon & Schuster, 1995

Black Dawn /​ Bright Day
Indian Prophecies of the Millennium
By Sun Bear with Wabun Wind
Simon & Schuster, 1990

Dancing With The Wheel
The Medicine Wheel Workbook

By Sun Bear, Wabun Wind, & Crysalis Mulligan
Simon & Schuster, 1990

Woman Of The Dawn
A Spiritual Odyssey

By Wabun Wind
Simon & Schuster, 1989

Walk In Balance
A Guide to Happy, Healthy & Harmonious Living
By Sun Bear, Wabun, Crysalis Mulligan & Peter Nufer
Simon & Schuster, 1989

Sun Bear: The Path Of Power
By Sun Bear, Wabun & Barry Weinstock
Simon & Schuster, 1988

The Bear Tribe’s Self Reliance Book
By Sun Bear, Wabun, & Nimimosha
Simon & Schuster, 1987

A Compendium of Ancient & Modern Crystal Knowledge
By Wabun Wind, & Anderson Reed
Prentice Hall Press, 1987

The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology
By Sun Bear & Wabun
Simon & Schuster, 1980

The People’s Lawyers
By Marlise James
Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1972

Selected Works

The Spanish Edition of THE MEDICINE WHEEL: EARTH ASTROLOGY will soon be available in the United States.
The amazing and inspiring story of Sun Bear's visions, life, and work.
The Medicine Wheel gives readers a unique view of themselves, and their relationship to the earth. Celebrating its 32nd year with a new printing! Look for the e-book edition, which will be out in December of 2011.
“This book is a springboard of power allowing you to link with the energies of the universe.”
--Sun Bear
Creative non-fiction
This book shows how to interpret and work with your dreams using the philosophy and symbols of the Medicine Wheel