Ancient Visions, Modern Wisdom on the Road Again

Much to my surprise I am traveling again to teach. After twenty some years being an author, wife, mother and household concierge I thought my traveling days were over except for the occasional vacation. Last year I was contacted by a French publisher who wanted to bring out Dancing With The Wheel: The Medicine Wheel Workbook in French, which they did in February 2017. Helping the publication process was a lovely woman Claire Jozan-Meisel who has organized workshops for my friend and literary client Brooke Medicine Eagle and other women teachers. She asked if I would be interested in giving some talk in Paris. I have only been in Paris for one day, 50 years back, and my husband has always wanted to travel there. Our daughter is happy to explore any new cultures, so I agreed to go to France to give some talks and have a family vacation. This trip also gives me the opportunity to meet with Mudra Greibel who published The Medicine Wheel in Spain in 2013 and with a dear German friend I havenít seen in a couple of decades. Then we received an invitation from David Paquin to give a talk and build a wheel on his land in St. Saturn in Les Apt in Southern France. David is a documentary filmmaker and will also interview me for a new film he is making. I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to share some of the teachings life has given me with people in Europe.

If you go to my New Works Page you will see the cover for the French edition of Dancing With the Wheel and for the Spanish edition of The Medicine Wheel. On my Events Page is the flyer for the French workshops.

I will let you know about my experiences in June when I have returned and had time to settle in.

May in Paris! How lucky I am.

The Journey and Works of Marlise Wabun Wind

Photo by RJ Walter Studio
What is real love?
Why is it so hard to find?
Why donít people get along?
Why do men and women fight?
Why donít people treat their children better?
Why is there so much violence?
Why are there wars?

I grew up asking these questions, and writing about any answers I found. Unfortunately I did not find many answers that rang true in school, college, graduate work, politics, relationships, religion and many forms of spirituality.

Then I met a Native teacher and shaman and it seemed as though he had some real answers. I moved from New York City to work with him. We traveled the West and, later, many parts of this country and Europe meeting indigenous teachers and listening to their wisdom. The more I learned, the more questions I could answer because of the ancient visions, ceremonies and mythology they shared.

Always writing, I helped found an alternative community with him, an apprentice program, and helped people quest for vision. I spoke at our Vision Mountain, at our large international Medicine Wheel Gatherings, at retreat centers, conferences and events in many locations.

Still searching for answers, I found my real love and, in my forties, came back into mainstream society to be a wife and mother. Now as I enter the elders lodge I am ready to share more than I have in my eleven published books, or in my past talks. My life has taught me so much about myself, human nature, healing, parenting and why society is in the state of confusion it is today.

Join me on my continuing journey! I trust my truths will spark your own.

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*NEW* - Woman of the Dawn Review

It was with deep gratitude and delight that I came across a copy of (Marlise) Wabun Wind's book, Woman of the Dawn. The book is the story of Marlise's journey from early adulthood to mid-life as she courageously left the safety and comfort of an well-educated, NYC journalist's lifestyle for life "on the edge" in the west. There she lived with a group of both fellow Caucasians, and Native Americans, working to follow the guidance of Sun Bear, the well-known Native visionary.

His vision, that we are all One, including the plants, animals and the earth itself, all part of "the Great Spirit", was revolutionary in that it was not a vision for one group of people over another, and the drive to "live off the land" almost entirely was just beginning to be a movement in and of itself.

The really stunning part of the story is how Wabun (Marlise) adapted, and courageously lived off the land in the harshest of conditions, did not break in the face of great adversities, took responsibility for and learned from her own human flaws, and followed a vision she believed in.

She has shared with us both a spiritual and life vision that now more than ever we may be ready to embrace as the climate shifts, society becomes more fragmented, the food supply is in question from both climate/drought/floods as well as other things, and as we may feel more and more removed from our connection to the earth, more alone, and many may be asking: "What is my purpose here, my path?"

Today, "farm to table" is a well known movement. And the study of spiritual teachers of non-dualism is popular and growing. But in 1989 when this book was published, neither were of much interest. Before it was popular, Wabun (Marlise) courageously showed us both the tough challenges and great benefits of returning to a more earth-centric and simple lifestyle within a vision of inclusion, listening to the Great Spirit, and respect for all. I hope you find her hard work and hard life challenges as inspiring an example as I did. How she lived for many years doesn't get more real. I hope she writes us another book, covering more chapters of her remarkable and fascinating life.

Your story has inspired me, Marlise!