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Have you seen a guilty squirrel?

May 24, 2015

Dear Ones,

Please check out this week’s blog entitled “Guilty Squirrels”. It comes from Vision Seed Three which is “Guilt is a powerful, monumental waste of emotion.” This was definitely the hardest blog to write so far. What you’ll read is the fourth version. Why was it so hard? Not because I am unfamiliar with guilt but because I am too familiar with it. It is also a big topic to cover in so few words. What I have written is a beginning view of the subject. If you want more later, let me know!

I am really excited today because this week I will be spending a day at BOOK EXPO in New York City. This is the big trade show for all of publishing. I am hoping to have the opportunity to talk with some editors or agents about the two new books on which I have collaborated. One is a really exciting young adult novel, the first in a series. The other is a unique new way to work with the Medicine Wheel. I will be telling you more about these and about my wonderful new co-authors in the near future.

I want to again thank all of you who have taken the time to look at my new website, and have encouraged your friends to look at it and subscribe to it. If you are getting this newsletter, you did everything necessary, which included confirming your subscription in the email that came to you after you subscribed. If you know someone who thinks they subscribed but forgot this last step, please remind them they have to confirm in the email they get.

Thanks also for checking out my author page on Facebook, Marlise Wabun Wind. I promise to not inundate you with too much, but will post a couple or more interesting items each week. Please LIKE this page and ask your friends to LIKE it also.

I have contacted some interesting friends and asked them to join the circle growing from Ancient Visions, Modern Wisdom. I have had some responses but not the opportunity to post them because of preparing for Book Expo. In a few weeks check
that page on the website and watch the circle grow.

Have a fulfilling week.

Marlise Wabun Wind