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December 20, 2016

A winter's morning
December 20, 2016

Dear Ones,

Happy Winter Solstice. Joyous Earth Renewal. Winter comes on December 21 at 5:44 a.m. Eastern time. If we are lucky, shortly after, Father Sun will rise and the cycle of life on our Earth Mother will continue. Earth people did not assume all of this would happen unless they did their part. My blog tells you how we celebrated this time of year on Vision Mountain and gives you some ideas to add to whatever Festival of Light you celebrate.

I wanted to get this to you a few days back, but for me, like most of us, the end of year is a busy time. However, I feel it is critical to get this information out to the world so I hope you will read it today and pass on some of the ideas. We humans must acknowledge our role in life’s circle, and do our part to help life continue for all of our relations: mineral, plant, animal, human and spirit.

This has been a rough year in many ways for many people. I would like to ask you to remember in your prayers my co-author and friend, Jennifer Patten. Her beautiful, talented daughter Savannah was hit by a runaway car and had to have one leg amputated. You can read more about her recovery on Facebook. Search for Jennifer Patten. I would also like you to remember my friend and co-worker Star Savoy Alexander who is suffering from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, a disease for which there are not many treatments. You can read about Star on her Facebook page Star Savoy Alexander.

I continue with all the projects I wrote about last time. Dancing with the Wheel will be published in France in February and I have set dates to go build Medicine Wheels in France in May. The Medicine Wheel will be published in Taiwan in March; Dancing with the Wheel shortly after. I have set dates to go teach there in September. Since I never expected to be traveling to teach again, this is all a delightful surprise.

I appreciate how well some of you have been keeping in touch through our new group Facebook page “Friends of the Medicine Wheel Teachings of Sun Bear and Marlise Wabun Wind”. I thank all of you who have used that forum to share some of your own stories. Please join and participate in this group, and invite your friends to do so also!

I want to thank all of you who take the time to follow and LIKE me on Facebook (Marlise Wabun Wind and “Friends of the Medicine Wheel Teachings of Sun Bear and Marlise Wabun Wind"). Thanks also for looking at my website, reading my blogs and encouraging your friends to subscribe to this newsletter. Please continue to spread the word, and remember to tell people they have to click on “confirm” in the email they get right after subscribing to get the newsletter and the MP3 talk about the feminine. Feel free to share the blogs or refer other people to them, but credit them to me.

Enjoy the first celebration of returning light, and all of your other holidays,

Marlise Wabun Wind