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Wisdom Circle Introduction

August 29, 2015

Dear Ones,

This week’s blog (http://www.marlisewabunwind.com/blog.htm) is not what I promised it would be. I have interviewed Meredith Little, co-founder of the School of Lost Borders and one of the pivotal people in introducing the vision fast into our modern society. I really enjoyed reconnecting with Meredith and hearing how her work and adventures have continued. When I wrote the rough draft of the blog and asked my friend/helper to read it I realized I was presupposing every one of you knew as much as Meredith and I about the concept of the vision quest. I know some of you do, but I bet there are a number of you who have not heard of this rite of passage except in history, television, movies, or as briefly mentioned in some of my past blogs. For you to understand the importance of the work Meredith does, I need to give you the framework, concept and terms to do so. That is what I have done in this blog. After reading it you’ll know a lot more about the vision quest, and I trust this knowledge will also help you understand your everyday life, and life’s transitions.

My next blog, out around September 12, will contain the interview with Meredith, or at least the beginning of it. I realize blogs are supposed to be short reads so I may need to divide the interview into two parts. But know the material is worth the time and space. The vision fast is a rite of passage used in older days to mark a person passing from childhood to adult status. Think of how we celebrate this passage today and you’ll recognize the need to learn alternate ways to mark this important transition. Meaningful ceremonies to mark life’s milestones are so important, and so often forgotten in the race to have the best party with the most gifts. I will return to the topics of heart celebrations and rites of passage in the future.

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May this introduction to the wisdom circle and vision quest spark in you some ancient memories.

Marlise Wabun Wind