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The Elder's Lodge

August 3, 2015

Dear Ones,

This week’s blog is entitled “The Elder’s Lodge” (http://www.marlisewabunwind.com/blog.htm). It is based upon Vision Seed Eleven: “When the snow of winter covers your head, the wisdom of life lies within you. Your mission then is to share it”. In most traditional cultures, this was a vision seed that guided life. Elders were revered and respected. Young ones considered it a privilege to partake of their wisdom. Doesn’t sound much like things are in modern culture, does it? Today we save adulation for those who have accrued things, not the wisdom of life. The more money, power, fame, and partners you have, and at the youngest possible age, the more famous you become, at least for the prerequisite fifteen minutes. This seems way out of balance to me. Read the blog and see whether you agree.

This blog finishes the eleven vision seeds I introduced when I began this series. Around August 14 I will review these vision seeds and add some new material that has come from my writing and your reading them. Then in late August I will begin my next series of blogs about people whose work I admire. A lot of them are elders who have made real change in the world. Some are younger, and I am open to hearing from other young people who are seeking and following their visions. The first blog will feature Meredith Little, co-founder of The School of Lost Borders, and one of the most pivotal people in introducing or re-introducing the vision quest to people all around the world. She is an incredible person and I look forward to sharing with you some of her philosophy and adventures. I admire a lot of people with a wide range of interests so I promise you this will be an exciting and entertaining series. Because of the time involved with contacting all of these interesting people and interviewing them, these next blogs will come out every two weeks rather than each week. Each person I feature will then be a link on the My Circle page of my website.

As always I want to thank all of you who take the time to look at my website, read my blogs and encourage your friends to subscribe to this newsletter. Please continue to spread the word, and remember to tell people they have to click on “confirm” in the email they get right after subscribing. I encourage you to share the blogs or refer other people to them but please credit them to me.

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If you are an elder, try to share some wisdom this week. If you are younger, try to find an elder who has some life experience they are willing to impart to you. The generation gap only exists if we allow it to do so.

Marlise Wabun Wind