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Hi Wabun, My name is Teresa Shining Willow and I am an apprentice (24 years now) on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path (in Arizona) Our Nagual, Swift Deer/Thunderstrikes passed over 4 years ago but the Deer Tribe is still very active at it's Rainbow Power Center in Phoenix. We use Sun Bears Earth Astrology as a major piece of teaching on our Path. (we do have permission and credit it appropriately)
I am a horticulturist and an arborist and always wondered about plant wheels that would compliment the animal wheels. Using your book, Dancing with the Wheel, I created 12 plant wheels that would compliment each animal wheel. I am wondering if I might be able to use it with my study groups and sweat lodge groups. (right now I am running sweats that align with the tree nation people). I would like to know how I might send it to you to see what I have created?
And then to see if I might be able to use it more widely. I have never asked for permission from an author before so please excuse any obvious faux pas I made have made in my request so far.
In Beauty and Service, Teresa Shining Willow

Put a better way: there are may groups across the country using Gail Reichstiens.."Earth Acupuncture" methods. Many across this country(and in other country's) building Medicine Wheels. It seems logical that Both groups join forces. Network,compare experiences,and generally cooperate!! The Earth Healers cooperative International! YES? ***S.I.M.

Medicine Wheel builders AND Earth Acupuncture

I have noticed several groups across the country are using the "Earth Acupuncture" method in an effort to Heal our greatly suffering planet. I am wondering IF there are any among the people who read this Blog., Newsletter who are doing the same??? If so, why is it not mentioned and encouraged here???* - Moonflower

Earth Acupuncture Healing the Living Landscape
By Gail Reichstein Rex
Applying the principles of Chinese medicine and Native American shamanism to answer the call of the Earth and heal its polluted landscapes

• Explains how to build a healing relationship with the natural world by making offerings of thanks and listening to the Earth’s responses

• Details methods of diagnosis and several types of Earth acupuncture treatment, including building stone circles, planting crystals, and working with wooden and copper-rod needles

• Shares the author’s journey of healing a river with these methods

Hi. My name is Jeanna. I had a very powerful dream in which Sun Bear visited me. I knew nothing about him. A week later I went to a thrift store and found The path of power book and then discovered through the photos of Sun Bear that he was the one who visited me in my dream and delivered a very powerful message! I am a healer and have tried to understand and learn more about my abilities but am having a hard time finding my way. Please would you email me back

“I had the privilege of meeting and training with Sun Bear and Wabun ... I taught much that he taught me to hungry souls for some years after he moved on. … I have started a circle of friends and people where I share some things with them helping them to learn the ways of the Medicine Wheel and Earth Astrology. …We all, no matter what the color or our skin, need to start to heal within and love more. We need to be the change we wish to see in the world. It starts with each one of us.”
Arlene Olson, Earth Woman, April, 2015

Wabun: I am thrilled and surprised at the response to your website via personal questions and greetings! I'm excited about this new energy arising. Your perseverance never ceases to surprise and inspire me! Morning Star, Hamilton, Montana

Wabum Wind, I have a native spirit and native guide. I was born white and don't know how to bridge myself to the native way of life. I am 56 and living in central Texas. Do you have any advice for me. I lived in Tahlequah Oklahoma for 10 years, married a Cherokee man and had a child who is with me now. I experineced a lot of prejudism there. I need some advice. Katherine Crittenden

Your name suddenly came to mind and Google did the rest. Your beauty shines as bright as ever. Give Shawnodese my greetings.

With love,
Chrissie Trala
Bear Tribe 1984
Scarborough, England 2012

Hello my name is Lola and I'm from Spain. I read his work in the medicine wheel, and I and many others are very interested in their work. appreciate it if you would kindly contact us as we wanted to propose, if possible, a Spanish translation of his books. my e-mail is m.valuenh @ thank you very much

Hi I met you and Sun Bear when I was 7 years old and you both made quite and impression. I am the daughter of Ann Evans and she will be thrilled about this site as I am. I loved reading your bio and I am looking forward to reading your blog. You have a great story to tell
Philadelphia, Pa

I was thrilled to find your website! I met you and attended your seminar (?) at the Medicine Wheel Gathering in New York State in about 1992. I read your books and those of Sun Bear and became friends with Morning Star and Wind Daughter. Life changes took me in different directions and I lost track of everyone I had met. Isn't the internet wonderful! :)

Your website is awesome! Love the color and energy of it!

Hello Marlise,

This site must be new, I had not seen it and as you know, I do follow your work. Very comprehensive and well done!

Peace and Love as Always,
Jenna Orion

Hi Marlise,
Great web site. You rock!!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your bio.

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho

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Greetings. My husband and I are taking a road trip to the Olympic Peninsula and to prepare I was rereading the Medicine Wheel wheel Earth Astrology when I learned of Vision Mountain. Last fall I built my own 40 foot medicine wheel and would love to be connected with any persons who would like to help me develop my skill and understanding of this beautiful gift. I would also love to see Vision Mountain and learn from anyone who would like to assist me on my journey. Thank you so much for your guidance and for this beautiful gift of my wheel.
Lisa in Sebastopol

Hi Wabun, I met you and Sunbear at the medicine wheel gatherings in NY state and went to many for years all over the US. I live outside NY city but I have land in upstate NY and pour the bear tribe stone peoples lodge. I am an apprentice of Wind daughter and Morning Star. It is great to be able to chat with you and keep in contact. Love your FB page and website! I shared your book information on my page. So great to connect

Hi Running Deer,

Please don't doubt yourself. Follow your gut and put up that Medicine WHeel. I believe it will help you to get confidence in your own self and work. There is a group in upstate NY called the Peace Keepers. I don't have specific email info but know they did work with the Tribe and the Medicine Wheel. Perhaps someone of them will write in to this discussion and tell both you and I where to find them.
Many blessings on you and your work.

Hi Hannah,

Could you be a little more specific about the invocation you are looking for. I would first recommend to you DANCING WITH THE WHEEL; THE MEDICINE WHEEL WORKBOOK which is full of information, meditations and directions for building and working with a medicine wheel. Let me know if this helps or if you are looking for something else. Thanks for all your good work!

Question: where do i find the prayer/invocation to the 4 directions, when creating an 8 stone medicine circle?
Thank you!

Love & blessings,

i tried to send you a message but it will not go through. here is my e mail needing guidance on constucting medicine wheel. thanks

hi wabun. i would like to start off by saying thank you.i have read and purchased several of sun bear's boooks. i will begin using the same medicine wheel layout. i will be constructing one in my backyard this summer. i know i am being called to do this. i keep doubting myself/knowledge that i have. one day i will have a strong desire then the next feel lost. If you would,could you please send prayers up to the creator on my behalf,that i may be given a spirit guide to help me. any help or advice would greatly be appreciated. Maybe you know someone who lives in my area(upstate central N.y) i could get in contact with. thanks again so much. sincerly,running deer(tobbie haynes)

Hi Wabun,

It's been many moons! So nice to find you on- line. We last met at the Ojai Foundation in the early eighties. Sun Bear gave me the medicine name Turtle Man, and quite recently I began to wonder why. If you have any insight you'd care to share, I'd appreciate hearing it.

With affection,


I took my grandson to a gathering near Salem, Oregon many years ago. It was a powerful event for both of us. Now raising my great-grandaughter, his child. Can you remember when that was? I've lost the date in my head someplace...We had a pumpkin closing circle, and eagles came over the horizon to bless that gathering.

Hello I Vision Quested with you in 1985, I still am living my vision and it changed my life. I was wondering where it was held was it Spokane Washington? What mountain was it? I remember you and Raven the most, it was quite the community. Helped many. Thanks

I am glad to see you have a website and email contact. My name is Lance Johnson and I attended the first Medicine Wheel gathering in New Caney Texas, John Bradshaw was the opening speaker and John had gone to the Mountain for his vision quest with Sun Bear facilitating it. Sun Bear also was on John's tv show and of course John is internationally famous now. I also drove to Spokane and took Apprenticeship screening 10 day training followed with a vision quest. For most of my life since then I have been a pipe follower and deeply involved in the Native American path. I became and excellent singer/songwrite of songs about the Native American warriors and have included the teachings of Sun Bear in my songs and have used my music as a medium to share his teachings and honor the old warriors. Presently I am more involved with teachers such as Katie Byron and Eckhart Tolle and Leslie Temple-Thurston. I will write more later but I wanted to make initial contact. I was assuming you married Shawndodese but of course I don't know for sure. I also always wondered if Nimomosha from the Bear TRibe is still alive. I have your email address and can send a longer email. my spirit name is Starhawk (Lance Johnson)