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November 6, 2017

Tags: native american, medicine wheel, native heritage, ceremony, contest, book contest

Shortly after Sun Bear had his vision of the medicine wheel, we decided to build a physical representation of this vision. We were living on Vision Mountain, a place that had been sacred to the ancient ones who went there to seek vision. The Mountain was also sacred to us so it was the (more…)


August 29, 2015

Tags: vision, wisdom circle, wisdom, mind/body/spirit, earth spirituality, vision quest, vision fast, rites of passage, ceremony, Meredith Little, Sun Bear, School of Lost Borders, Book of the Vision Quest, hero’s journey, life, love, advice, purpose, philosophy, hope, future

In my last blog I announced that, with this entry, I would begin building the “My Circle” page of my website by interviewing Meredith Little, one of the founders of The School of Lost Borders, and a key person in returning meaningful rites of passage to modern society. I had a wonderful long talk with Meredith, a friend for decades, and began writing the entry. (more…)