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August 3, 2015

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Vision Seed Eleven: When the snow of winter covers your head, the wisdom of life lies within you. Your mission then is to share it.

When I was about five years old an uncle told me, “You were born a little old lady.” I was not insulted, nor did I disagree. (more…)

Walk In Balance

July 26, 2015

Tags: Vision Seeds, mind/body/spirit, relationships, healing, spirituality, psychology, heart, gut instinct, philosophy, advice, Sun Bear, Walk in Balance, feeling

Vision Seed Ten. Listen to your heart. Consult your brain. Let your gut instincts break any ties.

“Walk in Balance on the Earth Mother” was one of Sun Bear’s favorite sayings. To do this, you have to work toward balance within yourself. If you have that, your earth walk will be one of grace and dignity. How did we humans lose our balance? (more…)

Finding Your Heart Relations

July 19, 2015

Tags: Vision Seeds, Heart Relations, mind/body/spirit, relationships, healing, spirituality, love, philosophy, advice, Evelyn Eaton, Sun Bear

Vision Seed Nine. We are born with blood relations. We choose our heart relations.

When I was a young girl long before I used the term, my favorite aunt was my first heart relation. She was not related by blood, but by love. (more…)


May 24, 2015

Tags: Guilt, Mental Health, Emotional Healing, Animals, Philosophy, Earth People, Vision Seeds, Being Happy, Relationships, Parenting, Mind/Body/Spirit

Vision Seed Three

Have you ever seen a squirrel act guilty? Or a cat, cow, hamster, turtle, guinea pig, chinchilla, horse, zebra, hawk, eagle, vulture, snake, fish etc? I bet you haven’t. Guilt is a human emotion, although we unfortunately can teach it to some (more…)


May 17, 2015

Tags: Philosophy, Nature, Earth People, Vision Seeds, Living a happy life, Inspiration, Relationships, Parenting, Mind/Body/Spirit

Vision Seed Two

If your philosophy can’t grow corn, you need a new philosophy!

I learned this from Sun Bear, my teacher, co-author and spiritual partner. He would phrase it a little differently, “If your philosophy doesn’t grow corn, I don’t want to hear about it.” (more…)

The Beauty Game

May 8, 2015

Tags: Beauty, Nature, Philosophy, Earth People, Uplifting Philosophy, Vision Seeds

Vision Seed One
The Beauty Game

Beauty is all around us. Each day before you go to sleep think about what you experienced that was beautiful.
I learned this philosophy from Twylah Nitsch, Wolf Clan mother of the Seneca Nation. Twylah would instruct her students to ask themselves each day: What did you see (more…)