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August 14, 2015

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Since early May I have shared with you maxims based upon what I have learned in my life. Each one has the potential to help you to change YOUR life both in large and small ways. Some of you have written to me and told me about some of the changes you have made based on these vision seeds, and I am delighted they have been helpful to you. I trust many more of you have made some changes but not been inclined to write about them. That is good. The deepest change comes within us and is sometimes hard to communicate to others.

Because we are inundated with so much information from many mediums in today’s world, I wanted to use this blog to remind you of these Vision Seeds. Here they are!
(Each is linked to the original location, simply click to review or share!)

1. Beauty is all around us. Before you go to sleep each day review what you experienced that was beautiful.

2. If your philosophy can't grow corn, you need a new philosophy.

3. Guilt is a powerful, monumental waste of emotion.

4. Only a strong heart knows the power of surrender.

5. Everyone is born with a vision to guide his or her life. Our mission is to find and follow it.

6. Never step on someone else's vision.

7. You can't spoil a child with too much love.

8. Love starvation is the root of all the illnesses that plague individuals and societies.

9. We are born with blood relations. We choose our heart relations.

10. Listen to your heart. Consult your brain. Let your gut feelings break any ties.

11. When the snow of winter covers your head, the wisdom of life lies within you. Your mission then is to share it.

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And, if you are so moved, please share any vision seed experiences you think might be of help to others by commenting.

I am sure I will return to other Vision Seeds in the future. But my next series of blogs will feature friends whose lives and work I admire. These friends will then become part of the “My Circle” pages of this website. Because I want to interview each of these friends, and review their work, I will be posting every other week. I am excited to do this series because it will allow me to catch up with some wonderful people as well as introduce them to you. Among these friends are writers, speakers, organizers, herbalists, healers, spiritual teachers, farmers, mothers and fathers, grandparents, artists, photographers. My first blog in this series will be about Meredith Little who, with her late husband Steven Foster, has helped to bring the ancient, pan-cultural rite of passage commonly called the vision quest into modern society in many parts of
the world. This seems an appropriate way to transition from Vision Seeds to My Circle. Check back in two weeks for this enlightening introduction.

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