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May 8, 2016

Tags: Motherís Day, nurturing, vision, life, relationships, love, parenting, philosophy, spirituality, mind/body/spirit

Ah, Motherís Day. This is the day of the year when greeting card companies, womenís stores and restaurants encourage everyone to remember and celebrate Mom, the person who has hopefully been remembering and celebrating them for the rest of the year. When I think of ďMomĒ, I think of a dedicated nurturer whether they were born in a female or male body . A dedicated nurturer is wise, loving, understanding, encouraging, and rational. She loves her children unconditionally, knows how to set reasonable boundaries on their behavior, and urges them to find and follow their lifeís purpose. Letís face it. That is a special set of super-powers, one not very common in todayís world. (more…)