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August 29, 2015

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In my last blog I announced that, with this entry, I would begin building the “My Circle” page of my website by interviewing Meredith Little, one of the founders of The School of Lost Borders, and a key person in returning meaningful rites of passage to modern society. I had a wonderful long talk with Meredith, a friend for decades, and began writing the entry. (more…)


August 14, 2015

Tags: Mind/Body/Spirit, Vision, Philosophy, Spirituality, Life, Love, Relationships, Maxims, Advice

Since early May I have shared with you maxims based upon what I have learned in my life. Each one has the potential to help you to change YOUR life both in large and small ways. Some of you have written to me and told me about some of the changes you have made based on these vision seeds, and I am delighted they have been helpful to you. I trust many more of you have made some changes but not been inclined to write about them. That is good. The deepest change comes within us and is sometimes hard to communicate to others. (more…)

The Elder's Lodge

August 3, 2015

Tags: Vision Seeds, Wise Elders, Crones, My Circle, relationships, family, mind/body/spirit, intergenerational learning, psychology, advice, spirituality, young people, seniors, volunteerism

Vision Seed Eleven: When the snow of winter covers your head, the wisdom of life lies within you. Your mission then is to share it.

When I was about five years old an uncle told me, “You were born a little old lady.” I was not insulted, nor did I disagree. (more…)