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February 15, 2017

Tags: clan mother, native american, women leaders, female empowerment, native guides

About a month back Claire Jozan-Meisel who is sponsoring my workshops in France this spring asked me to write a short piece describing what a clan mother is and does. Because this is such an important and often misunderstood topic, I spent weeks working on it in my mind. Then I remembered I had (more…)


December 20, 2016

I always wondered why so many religions celebrated a festival of light around this time of year. Then I met Sun Bear, moved west and was introduced to the time of Earth Renewal, which really is the origin of all these other festivals. I was taught that tribal peoples honored the earth at the (more…)


November 23, 2016

Tags: thanksgiving, native american, tribe, culture, traditions, smudging, feast, family, spirituality, mind body spirit

Sun Bear loved feast days, and, through him and my time with the Bear Tribe, I learned to love them too. He was born just before the stock market crash that caused the “Great Depression” of 1929. He grew up on the White Earth Reservation, which, like most reservations even today, had far more than (more…)


August 19, 2016

Photo by Bill Eichenlaub, Courtesy National Park Service
In July I was blessed to take a cruise to Alaska. Why Alaska? It is so incredibly beautiful. I had gone on a cruise there almost ten years ago and had fallen in love with the water/mountain/wildlife. I have always felt very at home in the Puget Sound area, and the InlandPassage is a continuation of that wonderful part of nature. (more…)


May 8, 2016

Tags: Mother’s Day, nurturing, vision, life, relationships, love, parenting, philosophy, spirituality, mind/body/spirit

Ah, Mother’s Day. This is the day of the year when greeting card companies, women’s stores and restaurants encourage everyone to remember and celebrate Mom, the person who has hopefully been remembering and celebrating them for the rest of the year. When I think of “Mom”, I think of a dedicated nurturer whether they were born in a female or male body . A dedicated nurturer is wise, loving, understanding, encouraging, and rational. She loves her children unconditionally, knows how to set reasonable boundaries on their behavior, and urges them to find and follow their life’s purpose. Let’s face it. That is a special set of super-powers, one not very common in today’s world. (more…)

Emma, Gift of the Crows

February 19, 2016

According to the system of earth astrology Sun Bear and I wrote about in The Medicine Wheel, I was born under the Budding Trees Moon and my animal totem is the Red Hawk. Standing directly across from me on the wheel are people whose birth totem is the Raven. (more…)


October 16, 2015

Tags: Love, life, death, illness, cancer, breast cancer awareness month, mind/body/spirit, vision quest, rites of passage, ceremonies, parenting, embracing life

October is breast cancer awareness month, and a good time for women to remember to check themselves monthly and see a doctor yearly. Rather than writing about cancer myself, I have received permission from a friend who has had breast cancer to reprint her blog because it moved me to tears. We all know (more…)

A Great Love, A Great Vision

September 13, 2015

Tags: Vision Quest, Wise Elders, My Circle, mind/body/spirit, intergenerational learning, psychology, advice, young people, rights of passage, suicide prevention

Interview with Meredith Little, August 13, 2015

I wanted to begin this Wisdom Circle series with Meredith Little because I greatly admire the work she has done to introduce the Vision Quest to modern people, and because she and her late husband Steven Foster provide such a positive example of what a “Great Love” is and can accomplish. (more…)


August 29, 2015

Tags: vision, wisdom circle, wisdom, mind/body/spirit, earth spirituality, vision quest, vision fast, rites of passage, ceremony, Meredith Little, Sun Bear, School of Lost Borders, Book of the Vision Quest, hero’s journey, life, love, advice, purpose, philosophy, hope, future

In my last blog I announced that, with this entry, I would begin building the “My Circle” page of my website by interviewing Meredith Little, one of the founders of The School of Lost Borders, and a key person in returning meaningful rites of passage to modern society. I had a wonderful long talk with Meredith, a friend for decades, and began writing the entry. (more…)


August 14, 2015

Tags: Mind/Body/Spirit, Vision, Philosophy, Spirituality, Life, Love, Relationships, Maxims, Advice

Since early May I have shared with you maxims based upon what I have learned in my life. Each one has the potential to help you to change YOUR life both in large and small ways. Some of you have written to me and told me about some of the changes you have made based on these vision seeds, and I am delighted they have been helpful to you. I trust many more of you have made some changes but not been inclined to write about them. That is good. The deepest change comes within us and is sometimes hard to communicate to others. (more…)