Links in My Circle

Invitations are going out to people whose work I respect and follow to ask if they would like to be listed as Links in My Circle. Each link will have a brief description of the work the person is doing, and a hyper-link for you to find out more. Most of these links are people with whom I have had the privilege of working, or associates and former students of the Bear Tribe and of the Medicine Wheel. But my interests go further than that! Some links may be people working to help the earth, to advocate for children, to improve relationships between people, to explore spirituality and healing in many forms. I've been blessed with knowing many interesting people, and I want to allow you to meet some of them here.

Star Savoy Alexander - Medicine Wheel Astrology Greeting Cards and Reference Guide

These cards, the reference guide and the website are a beautiful and educational introduction to the Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology. For those who miss the Medicine Wheel Calendar, this is a great substitute! I have enjoyed working with Star on this project and look forward to some exciting plans we have for the future.

To see the full set, to order and find out more, please visit:

Meredith Little - School of Lost Borders
Featured in my Blog post - September 13, 2015

Teaching Rights of passage for 35 years

The School of Lost Borders offers vision fast and rites of passage training which cultivate self-trust, responsibility and understanding about one's unique place within society and the natural world.