Sun Bear: The Path of Power

“The path of power is different for every individual; it represents the course one should follow through life in order to fulfill your purpose on the Earth Mother. It is why you are here.” Sun Bear

From a childhood spent in the forest of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, Sun Bear went on to become one of the most groundbreaking and inspiring spiritual teachers of the late 20th century. Far ahead of his time, he founded an inter-racial medicine society of teachers dedicated to sharing with others those lessons of earth harmony which they had learned through their own experience. His vision of the medicine wheel became a worldwide phenomenon that inspired many people to learn more about the earth and all their relations upon her. Almost two decades after his death, Sun Bear's lessons are even more necessary. His biography will both inspire you and help you to seek your own path of power.

“The life story of Sun Bear is a living example to every human of a way of knowing and being that is not only inspiring, but also necessary. This is an important and beautifully-written book.”
Joan Halifax, author of Shamanic Voices; Shaman: The Wounded Healer